Where it all began...

Craft is a large part of my family. All my life my mum would sit us down with a new project to play with. So, it’s no surprise that in my 30’s I’m still trying new crafts. In 2017 my mum handed me a Mollie Makes Magazine (If you’ve never heard of this and love making things then you are missing out!) She gave me the page number of a project she thought we could do together. A magazine rack created from copper piping.

We headed to our local hardware store and bought everything we needed. A pipe cutter, copper pipe, copper joints, glue and a deburr tool. We got to work that evening. Now, I get excited over IKEA flat pack furniture and the television program ‘How it’s made’ so as you can imagine I enjoyed the whole process. We used a sewing machine to make the swing pockets for the magazines to sit in. The end result looked great; I was very pleased with our first attempt.

By Christmas I had some left over copper so I thought I would make some presents for the family. They couldn’t believe it when I told them I made their gifts. The feedback gave me such a buzz!

Early 2018 I decided that my mum and I needed a positive focus. So, in January we signed up for a craft fair with Shopfest in March and got to work creating beautiful products to fill the table. And the rest is an exciting journey!

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